Resurfaced Notebook

Upcycled NotebookLast night, at my cleaning job, I found many thrown-away calendars from the ages-ago 2009. Some of them were quite beautiful and it got my head working. My favorite product of today’s Upcycle the Paper Goods marathon was this notebook I’ve had for about ten years. It was just brown before…with two pages filled of half-inspired inspiring quotes. I ripped the two pages out and covered the ..well…cover with a beautiful glittery stained glass piece. Classic decoupage.  Ta.Dah. New notebook for Kim!


3 thoughts on “Resurfaced Notebook

  1. Wow, that turned out beautifully. Is it all one image adhered to the notebook cover or is it a collage that you made? It reminds me of Tiffany glasswork.

    1. It is all one piece. I’d be REALLY proud of myself if I had done that as a collage. I should have noted whose artwork it is before I cut up the entire calendar. Oops. Thanks for commenting!!!

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