Lunchbreak Drawings

I drew during lunch break today. It actually put me in a good mood. Or the walk outside did. Or both.

Every week I do this “adjust gradation” thing on the printer at work. You print a CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key [black]) sheet, like below, and scan it and the printer makes sure it’s doing all its gradation stuff right.

So I end up with a lot of CMYK-printed cardstock that I can do whatever I want with.  It’s fun to draw on. I should collect all my CMYK and put them in one post.

I’m trying to figure out what makes a crow look like a crow.  Apparently ravens are way bigger. I never really thought about it, but what I see all the time are crows, not ravens. When I first drew a silhouette of one, it just looked like a sweet little sparrow. But crows have something beautifully grotesque and slightly menacing about them.

crows tree

I don’t do internet right

I don’t sketchdaily or upvote or even tweet right. #orusethesecorrectly #whatwhat

When I think about all my shortcomings, I should always read John Waters essays; they always make me feel better about everything.

I remember being in an epic water fight with the neighbors when I was eight. For some reason it was girls against boys, except for Ian, a kid slightly younger than me. He was on our team. The boys had ridiculous water guns. Super soakers. Backpacks with extra ammo. The girls + Ian just had water balloons, which you had to fill patiently at the outdoor faucet and make sure they didn’t slip off when almost full, otherwise they’d splat all over the ground. We were “losing” this fight. But…define losing. Ian embraced it eventually. He danced in front of the row of super soakers and basked in the free supply of water and sang “Taking a shower” to the tune of “Twist and Shout.” His custom shower.  Are you still a loser if you’re completely enjoying yourself?

But here are some semi-recent sketchdailies. I have been practicing a tiny bit almost every day.  My life outside this apartment has been a bit stressful lately. When I can let go of the pressure to be good, it is relaxing to draw. The only way I can create is when I embrace the idea of glorious failures.

#charlie #whatareyoustupid?

Snapshot_20150916 Snapshot_20150914_5 Snapshot_20150914_4 Snapshot_20150914_1

“It wasn’t until I started reading and found books they wouldn’t let us read in school that I discovered you could be insane and happy and have a good life without being like everybody else.”
― John Waters
“Contemporary art hates you.”
― John Waters