Model Magic & Cuteness

I have been working on stuff–I really like Model Magic clay so I’ve been working with that. I’m interested in making toys for mis sobrinos.  A doll house maybe. Recently I’ve kind of embraced my affinity for “cute” things. It’s okay to be cute!


Yeah, my parlor palm is pitiful. It’s in my window-less office and I keep holding out hope that it will get better, but it’s been like this for 6 months. Below’s a hummingbird I made for grandma Evie. I kind of wish I had made it a ruby-throated hummingbird because iridescence is hard to do.


Also I love this gift I got. A planner you can color! With Sharpies!


I really like coloring, but I realized I enjoy it much more with smaller pages and with marker. My hand gets too tensed with colored pencils. And I just hate crayons. I just do.  So last night I cut up a coloring-book page into a 3-inch square and it’s so much more manageable! Why didn’t I think of this before?!

My simplesimple wedding.


Would I do things differently if I could live my wedding again? Of course! I’d eat some of my own food, for starters!

I’d get my hair done differently. Grr.

I’d pick the J. Crew Rebecca rather than the Goddess. 

I’d hire my talented friend to photograph the thing.

But we saved tons of money and had a laid-back reception, all of this crucial to our life right now. Big party and Aspergers don’t mix, but we navigated a way through it all and my husband looks back on the event quite fondly.

I’m glad to be crafting for gifts and useful things again, rather than 13 centerpieces. If only I had a camera to show these things.