EI8HT Best Practices

Back in June 2013, right after Oliver died, I wrote a list of things I wanted to remember forever – advice to myself to keep goodness alive, to honor his memory. I guess it’s technically nine.

Does everyone have the same quiet fear inside them – that they’ll lose everything they love and all meaning in life will be gone? Death is terrible. It forces you to put ongoing faith into invisible things, like love, even when you feel failure and pain daily. To let the events of your life, good or bad, convince you of anything about truth, or your worth, is to be a slave to circumstance. But sometimes, it’s so dang hard.

Anyway, I wrote my best practices out last night as a reminder. Especially after meeting my goddaughter/niece last week and thinking about what life will bring her. The only thing we, her family, can safely promise is that “we will love you, we will love you, we will love you.”

Eight Best Practices