Paper Dreams


I have this ancient paper craft book called Paper Dreams by Lorraine Bodger. There is no photography in this book. Everything is illustrated. Not very inspiring, but actually it had a good pattern for a tissue paper flower.  Which I photographed above with terrible light and my terrible camera. SOMEDAY! I will have beautiful photography. But right now…ain’t nobody got time for that.

UPDATE: Better pic?


And here is the book:


My simplesimple wedding.


Would I do things differently if I could live my wedding again? Of course! I’d eat some of my own food, for starters!

I’d get my hair done differently. Grr.

I’d pick the J. Crew Rebecca rather than the Goddess. 

I’d hire my talented friend to photograph the thing.

But we saved tons of money and had a laid-back reception, all of this crucial to our life right now. Big party and Aspergers don’t mix, but we navigated a way through it all and my husband looks back on the event quite fondly.

I’m glad to be crafting for gifts and useful things again, rather than 13 centerpieces. If only I had a camera to show these things.



I have been making lots of flowers this summer.  I have been considering making centerpieces for my WEDDING! but haven’t committed to anything yet. I also made my favors already but those are a surprise. Most of these flowers are from various tutorials but I don’t feel like linking yall up right now. The bubble petal flowers are from Martha Stewart’s website and the other pink ones are tissue paper carnations. The map ones are kusudama flowers–usually they are glued together into a ball and hung but I made those into stemmed flowers.

Resurfaced Notebook

Upcycled NotebookLast night, at my cleaning job, I found many thrown-away calendars from the ages-ago 2009. Some of them were quite beautiful and it got my head working. My favorite product of today’s Upcycle the Paper Goods marathon was this notebook I’ve had for about ten years. It was just brown before…with two pages filled of half-inspired inspiring quotes. I ripped the two pages out and covered the ..well…cover with a beautiful glittery stained glass piece. Classic decoupage.  Ta.Dah. New notebook for Kim!