Introducing Dr. Skirt

I call it Dr. Skirt because it was made from the sleeves of a doctor’s coat. Which was cast off at an office I clean. I washed them don’t worry! Seriously recycling-ness here. I even used the buttons from it. The only new part of the skirt is the thread.

And my awesome sewing machine.

I got it for 49 bucks from a lady who was moving down to Florida.

I got the sleeve-skirt idea from a hilarious tutorial on Threadbanger.


My Folklore Bag!!!

I finished this bag tonight!!! I know–I forwent actually going out and hanging out with people to finish it but I was so excited!!! Look at this thing!

I followed the pattern from the book One-Yard Wonders, one of my Christmas presents. So yeah, this bag is from one yard of fabric. So if you give me a yard of fabric, I can make this for you!!!