Model Magic & Cuteness

I have been working on stuff–I really like Model Magic clay so I’ve been working with that. I’m interested in making toys for mis sobrinos.  A doll house maybe. Recently I’ve kind of embraced my affinity for “cute” things. It’s okay to be cute!


Yeah, my parlor palm is pitiful. It’s in my window-less office and I keep holding out hope that it will get better, but it’s been like this for 6 months. Below’s a hummingbird I made for grandma Evie. I kind of wish I had made it a ruby-throated hummingbird because iridescence is hard to do.


Also I love this gift I got. A planner you can color! With Sharpies!


I really like coloring, but I realized I enjoy it much more with smaller pages and with marker. My hand gets too tensed with colored pencils. And I just hate crayons. I just do.  So last night I cut up a coloring-book page into a 3-inch square and it’s so much more manageable! Why didn’t I think of this before?!